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Hot Air Balloon Rides

Cameron Flights Southern can provide you with a wide variety of balloon ride experiences from over 100 launch locations throughout the UK at competitive prices.

There is nothing quite like the experience of gracefully floating above the English countryside in a Hot Air Balloon. Cameron Flights offers the largest selection of hot air balloon rides in the South UK.

What are hot air balloon rides?

Prior to your balloon flight you will be met by your balloon pilots so you can get to know them and listen to a brief safety announcement. You will then, as a team, inflate the hot air balloon to an appropriate volume for the envelope to start to rise.

Once the envelope has reached the required capacity you’ll then be helped into the basket where you’ll prepare for the launch. Don’t worry though this isn’t like a rocket ship. The Hot Air Balloon will slowly ascend to around 5,000ft and where the perfect tranquil views can be found.

 Hot Air Balloon Rides

We can’t control the direction of our hot air balloon rides; they are dependent on the wind direction. But don’t worry, we always remain in contact with the ground crew who will be following the balloon as it travels on its course. Quite often we can predict where the balloon is likely to land based on fuel levels and wind direction/force.

Because the balloon floats with the wind you can barely feel a breeze which makes the whole experience comfortable and exhilarating at the same time.

Flight times are largely dependant on the weather but we always aim for them to last between 45minutes to an hour.

Once we have landed the balloon guests can enjoy a traditional glass of champagne and share your experiences together whilst looking at all your photos from the flight. You will also have an opportunity to purchase our in flight photos, taken using our camera which is suspended from the exterior of the balloon giving a unique perspective.

Give someone the perfect gift

No matter how old or young you are a hot air balloon ride is an experience that anyone will enjoy. If you are looking to give something special to someone this Xmas then why not consider giving them a flight in a hot air balloon?

We operate a variety of balloon rides in the South so there is never a launch location too far from you. Most of our hot air balloon flights operate in the summer months because the weather is generally better, but we can also fly on crisp winter mornings and evenings.

We can even provide pay as you go vouchers which are a convenient way to spread the cost of buying a flight or any other item from our on-line store!

Buy balloon vouchers online

We have a dedicated online booking system making it quick and easy to choose your vouchers and book your vouchers online.

Our prices are very competitive with more launch locations than any other hot air balloon provider in the UK. Whether for sunrise or sunset or even a mid week balloon flight see our special offers for all the latest deals for hot air ballooning flights.

If you would like to speak to a balloon experience advisor please contact us on 0845 456 42 02.

We look forward to flying with you soon!

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